DhyanYoga is a community for people to meet for Spiritual Growth, Wellness, & Celebrating Life. A DhyanYoga, we gather to meditate, practice yoga, chant, dance, kirtan, relax, and embrace all the colors of the rainbow which make our inner and outer life richer. DhyanYoga is a Non-profit Organization and offers a variety of courses and programs to create a space to promote all dimensions of spiritual growth. DhyanYoga holds many daily classes and events focused on wellness of body, mind, and beyond. DhyanYoga located in Greater Washington DC Area atCentreville, VA. DhyanYoga provides a perfect setting to have convenience to commute to work & dream like settings for meditation with 1568 acres of reserve green at Bull Run Regional Park. Where you can amble along tranquil gardens and reflective pond. "The vision of DhyanYoga and the approach towards inner spiritual growth is inspired by spiritual master Osho. We hold a variety of classes and events on Meditation, Yoga, Kundalini, Mindfulness, Tantra, Chakras, Breath-work, Kirtan, Chanting, Dancing, Sufism, Zen, and more.."

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