• I have been attending weekly yoga and meditation sessions at Dhyan Yoga Center. We are blessed to have it in the Northern Virginia.  It is a non denominational center and welcomes people from all faiths and walks of life. It's objective is to keep working on the upliftment of individuals and society. It invites special guests from different domains like Music, Sufi, Meditation, etc. to enrich and ignite new experiences.  I would highly recommend everyone to take benefit of the Dhyan Yoga Center and see it for yourself.

    - Jatinder Singh
  • Just wanted to share a few words about my experience at the wellness center. Truly appreciate the efforts of Anam and the group.  "It was a divine experience being at DhyanYoga wellness center. The moment I walked in, I could feel that peace, calm and positive energy. After hearing from friends for a long time, I stopped by last month for a session of meditation and it was truly amazing. Here they do not talk about religion, God or a specific spiritual practice. All they do is meditation, yoga, activities of entertainment like live music events, dance sessions and many more to make sure every individual gets a chance to refresh and rejuvenate their inner selves thus de-stressing. 
    Also, we have to appreciate the organizers as this is a non-profit organization with a sole intent to spread the good fruits of joy and love to all people around. Try it for yourself to experience this goodness."

    - Aditya
  • If you live in Fair fax looking for caring, sincere place to practice yoga then 'Dhyan Yoga' is a best place for you to do just that. The welcoming supportive environment makes all the difference in your practice and is a place you will enjoy coming.SO drop everything you are doing, check them out and start your peaceful, Serene, fresh intimate journey. You will be glad you did.

    - Mahejabeen