community living

DhyanYoga is an intentional community where we live together and focus out intentions on our spiritual growth and well being. With daily community meditations, cooking, and eating together, we enrich each others lives as a community. 

Community Living Program combines personal growth, work as play, and community living in a 30-day (or more) process of self-discovery. Using meditation as a base, we will learn to enjoy work, rather than just focusing on the results. With awareness of our actions and playfulness, work not only becomes pleasure, but also a tool for grounding and relating. Community acts like a mirror to look within and presents the challenge for us to deepen our processes.

DhyanYoga located in Greater Washington DC Area at Centreville, VA. DhyanYoga provides a perfect setting to have convenience to commute to work & dream like settings for meditation with 1568 acres of reserve green at Bull Run Regional Park. Where you can amble along tranquil gardens and reflective pond. offers a host of workshops, festivals, events, and performances, which give us a chance to explore, express and enrich our being..

If you are interested in living at DhyanYoga, please contact us for more information. 

For more information contact community living coordinator
Swami DhyanAnam @ 813-830-1008