Volunteering at DhyanYoga

DhyanYoga is a Non-profit Organization and offers a variety of courses and programs to create a space to promote all dimensions of spiritual growth.

DhyanYoga is always in need for volunteers to lend a helping hand to events and to create a more beautiful space for fellow seekers. Volunteers will donate their time and energy in exchange for admission to events and classes. Here you can find on-going projects, as well as intermittent projects that require helping hands, in addition, we often require volunteers during retreats and events. Feel free to contact us for more information. 


Vegetable Garden Work

In the spring of 2017, we are creating a vegetable garden. Volunteer help will be needed throughout the spring season to tend to and care for the garden. In exchange, volunteers will have access to fresh vegetables during harvest!


Adopt-a-Tree Project

Help the environment, reconnect with nature, and care for a tree as your own. This project will be an ongoing project where you will care for a newly planted tree. In exchange, enjoy the fruits of your labor (literally) when the tree is mature and bears fruit. As well as having a sign with your name on the tree.