Celebrate every moment because this may be the last moment. But while celebrating, don’t forget that death is coming. Remember it. Remembering should not become an obsession; remembrance should become a celebration.”

We celebrate, because there is no death. Either the man is going into a new house – a good time to celebrate – or the man is going into the eternal existence. That is the best time to celebrate, and the last time to celebrate. And celebrating death will help you to understand that there is nothing in life to be afraid of. If death is a celebration, then what else can be a cause of fear? And if you can celebrate death, you have attained a maturity. It is possible only to those who live life as a rejoicing, a constant celebration. Then death is not the termination, but only a small incident of changing your clothes, your house, and your body. But you remain exactly the same forever – nothing changes in your intrinsic being. From eternity to eternity you are exactly the same.”
- Osho